How to get here

How to get here!

Finding easily the rare and unique animals in the wild of Borneo island with our teams will make your adrenaline increase by passing the rapids and rain forest will make unforgettable moment for you and friends, exploring with legal tour operator in town of Pangkalan bun that give you multiple choice of tour program with professional tour guide.

The Orangutans (pongo pygmaues) is the endemic of Sumatere and Kalimantan island  in Indonesia, There are many tour travel agents  that sell the orangutan package in the internet that offering the guiding to visit the orangutan destination, But first, please consult guidebooks before making your travel arrangements, surely with the responsible tour and travel agent likes us (PT. Borneo Hijau Persada) which will give many real time   information and main focus that come from the first hand instead of in the internet without knowing the original sources.

In this case the site presents to give you some information about your trips desnation especially to Orangutan park in Tanjung Puting National Park, precisely located in Pangkalan bun, central Kalimantan, Indonesia, so you will get the information about how to get Tanjug Puting National Park directly from real responsible agent.

To reach Tanjung Puting National Park can be flied from nearby cities of Jakarta and Semarang directly and some short transit point. If you have a direct fly to Indonesia you can try to Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang then you can get direct flight to Pangkalanbun by some airlines as the following :

1. Sriwijaya air  (Jakarta – Pangkalanbun ).
ETD 07.00-07.15 UFN

2. Wings Lion air (Semarang – Pangkalanbun).
ETD 09.00-10.25 UFN
ETD 10.55-12.20 UFN
ETD 12.35-14.00 UFN

3. Nam Sriwijaya air (Semarang – Pangkalanbun).
ETD 09.25-10.35 UFN

4. Wings air (Surabaya – Pangkalanbun).
ETD 14.30-16.05 UFN

If you start from Bali the easiest way to reach Pangkalan Bun is you need to take early flight from Bali to  Surabaya then connect to Pangkalanbun, other alternative flight you can fly from Bali to Yogyakarta but need to stay overnight in Yogyakarta or Semarang then drive to Semarang (if you stay overnight in Yogyakarta) to catch your flight to Pangkalan Bun.

Visa on Arrival (VOAs) that valid for Thirty day can be applied and available at the Ngurah rai airport (Denpasar), Soekarno Hattan Int airport (Jakarta) Juanda Airport (Surabaya),
* Note that Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya airport have separate domestic airport arrival, so be sure to allow extra time for Baggage claim, Covid-19 documentation check, Customs and VOA.

Every domestic flight connecting to other destination in Indonesia need minimum transit time 2 hours before flight time to ensure the connectivity otherwise no show or miss flight will exist so console it to your ticketing agent.


Pangkalanbun in the capital city of West Kotawaringin regency as small city with total population of 270.400 persons (2020), it has small airport named Iskandar airport which type C in military,  from this city with land transportation connects  to some cities such as Palangkara to Banjarmasin (south Kalimantan)  the to IKN or east Kalimantan, or  to Pontianak (west kalimantan).


Kumai is a port city to enter the Tanjung Puting National Park, starting from the port then cruising by wooden boat to enter the sei konyer river and enjoying the trips in the Orangutan Park.  In this park there is a village called Tanjung Harapan with the majority resident as fisherman.

In order to travel in and out of the park, it will be necessary to keep the Klotok during your trip. Speedboats can also be hired. The Rimba and the Eco Lodge are about 2 hours from Kumai. Camp Leakey is a further 2 to 2,5 hours up river.

Noted related to Covid-19

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