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PT. Borneo Hijau Persada

35+ Years Experience in handling FIT and Group Trips to Orangutan

Borneo Hijau Persada Tour & Travel, a local tour operator and reliablity operator has been experiences to arrange whole tour in Indonesia and Borneo, Kalimantan

We will welcome you to visit the magical island and exotic Apes called “Orangutan”. One of ape live in Asia between Borneo and Sumatera island . Your fascination journey is cruise the river and observe some mokeys move from tree to another tree along Sekonyer river .

Orangutantravel.com is one of the major Borneo Indonesia, Kalimantan local tour operator, specialist handling group as well as private arrangement.

Orangutantravel.com will handle you with profesional and best service. Our Guide teams are know well the area and has been experiences many years working as tour guide through the island of Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia

You may fell exciting during 4 or 5 days tour, explore the rain forest of Borneo with huge and richess wildlife such as orangutan endanger species and Proboscis Monkey and lot of plants and varietes birds

We would like to remind you that our tour is very aware of animal and protect their habitat from deforestation, we remind you to help minimize this in order our wildlife can be live longer.

We would like to invite you to visit orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park is the best place to see orangutan so close. And invite you to explore borneo island and unigue culture .

Borneo Hijau Travel is one of the tour operators that promoted wildlife, culture, and other interesting place around Borneo. Our Packages tour are designed with carefully and consideration of safety.

We offer the tour as your request in the itinerary and enable you chose another tour around Indonesia. We had handled many countries that join with our tour around Borneo and Indonesia generally.
Experienced as tour field guide, responsible, humorist and more talented and knowledge some primates, birds, culture and ecology of Borneo,good personal and ability in English.

Orangutantravel.com is on line marketing 24 hours. Our packages are : Indonesia eco tour, Borneo orangutan tour, Borneo dayak Adventure, Shooting Film, Photographer, Bird watcher, Leisure, FIT, Group and International Event and National Event.

Ornagutantravel.com are prepare some Speaking guide, such as Spanish , France, Japanese, German,Italy,Chiness, Korea, Rusia,andDucth speaking guide.

Orangutantravel.com is also sevice for flight booking such as Garuda, Merpati, Lion air, Wing Air, Mandala Air , Sriwijaya Air, Batavia Air, Trigana Air, Riau Air, Linuas Air all around in Indonesia.

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Team Members

Meet our Professional Teams

Ahmad Yani

Ahmad Yani

CEO and owner with great well-reputated and experienced as tour guide since 1989, as a tour organizer since 2003 and got many certification such as Trainer of Trainer Eco Tour Guide by International Labor Organization ( ILO ), and Indonesia Eco-tourism Network (INDECON )
Purwanti DP

Purwanti DP

Tour Guide
Was born in East Java and she lives in Pangkalan Bun Central Kalimantan,She speak englsh fluently, and keen of wildlife , photography and art Painting, she also amentor for young tour guide and she is a teacher and a profesional tour guide and she has national license tour guide.
Guntur Mas

Guntur Mas

Tour Guide
Was born in Banjar Masin South Borneo, he is a professional tour guide jungle trekking and adventure, righ now he is chairman of Indonesia Touris Guide Asosiantion sount Borneo, and has National licence as a tour guide, has been guiding more than 15 years active till now
Yon Philip

Yon Philip

Tour Guide
The Dayak Ngaju man who love traveling, nature activities and local culture, prompted him become a tour guide when he was in College and active with nature lover organization activities since 2002. He actives as tour guide since 2012 . Certified and license and professional in his duty.

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